15 Best Street Photography Blogs

Looking for some inspiration for your street photography? Then check out these amazing street photography blogs, they’re among the best free resources on the internet. 

Our Favorite Street Photography Blogs

Eric Kim Photography

Eric Kim Street Photography

Eric Kim is quite controversial in the street photography community but there’s no denying the importance of his work, either.

If you want to follow Eric, you can be assured of getting some unusual insights into street photography each and every time. 

Check them out online here.



Karl Edwards runs Streetshootr and it’s an action packed blog with plenty of inspiration and street photography news.

The reviews section is very interesting too with a real focus on how cameras perform in the “real world”.

Check them out online here.

Oliver Krumes

Oliver Krumes

If you’re tired of reading street photography blogs in English, you can always switch to German on Oliver Krumes’ site.

It’s backed with great ideas and lots of travel tips for more exotic street destinations. 

Check them out online here.

Josh White

Josh White Street Photography Blog

What could be better for a street photographer than access to the Korean capital of Seoul? Well, that’s the position Josh White finds himself in.

Josh’s photography speaks for itself and this blog is a great resource for any street photographer.

Check them out online here.

FD Walker

FD Walker Street Photography Blog

This is an interesting mix of street photography tips and travel advice and you know it’s based on practical experience thanks to the images FD Walker shares.

If you want a blog that takes you all over the world, this is your best choice. 

Check them out online here.

Street Snappers

Street Snappers Street Photography Blog

There’s a real focus on commercial street photography on this blog and if you want to turn street photography into a career, it’s an amazing resource.

Track down clubs, workshops, lectures and more and enjoy a fast route to success.

Check them out online here.

The Inspired Eye

The Inspired Eye Street Photography Blog

Oliver Duong’s The Inspired Eye is one of the best-known street photography magazines (and it’s cheap at just $20 for 6 months).

This blog is an extension of the magazine and it’s super useful. 

Check them out online here.

James Maher

James Maher Photography Blog

We’re big fans of James’s The Essentials of Street Photography and his blog is full of even more valuable tips on how to get the best images you can while wandering about. 

If you like to make the best use of architecture in street photos, this is an unmissable resource. 

Check them out online here.

Street Bounty

Street Bounty Photography Blog

This is the creation of Sebastian Jacobitz, a German photographer. He likes to provide plenty of ideas for turning street photography into a career.

It’s worth a visit to Street Bounty to get the free e-book he puts out for signing up to his mailing list. 

Check them out online here.

Martin U Waltz

Martin U Waltz Photography Blog

Martin’s work is very emotional but also highly analytical. He’s quite similar, in some ways, to Mark Cohen (of Grim Street fame). 

However, there’s a lot of sarcasm and humor on the blog that makes it a truly unique take on street photography. 

Check them out online here.

Street Hunters

Street Hunters Photography Blog

Street Hunters is a collaborative project between British, American and European photographers and it’s got a lot of useful content on its pages.

We like the polls which encourage people to get involved in the site and the location tips and in-depth reviews that really do put gear through its paces. 

Check them out online here.

Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin Photography Blog

Valerie Jardin is a great female street photographer (rather like Vivian Maier: Street Photographer) and her website offers plenty of insight into how a woman can conquer the world of street photography.

She’s encouraging and funny and you’ll enjoy the podcasts, the projects and the insane amount of original photography on offer here. 

Check them out online here.

Street Photography Magazine

Street Photography Magazine

This is another great resource for the would-be commercial street photographer – and it tends to stick to profiles of other photographers and workshops and even evaluation events.

They tend to shy away from gear reviews and how-tos. You might also want to subscribe to the magazine which is a great photography resource. 

Check them out online here.

Street Photography Cologne

Street Photography Cologne

This German-based street photography blog tends to focus on Cologne only but that’s fine, there’s still plenty that you can learn.

We also like the use of smartphones in this blog, however, you’ll need Google translate to get the best out of it as the text is in German.

Check them out online here.

Nick Turpin

Nick Turpin Photography Blog

Nick is a long standing street photographer with a real passion for street photography as art. 

This is more of a portfolio site than an all-round blog but the quality of his work makes it essential viewing. 

Check them out online here.

Final Thoughts On Street Photography Blogs

So, there you have it, tons of inspiration for the street photographer looking to improve their shooting abilities and it’s all free!

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