Magnum Contact Sheets

Magnum is the world’s best known photographic agency, their photographers are considered to be the greatest talents in commercial photography. 

The contact sheets collection holds 139 sheets from 69 of their photographers plus notes, spreads, etc. that help to explain the process by which an image is chosen and then fulfils its potential at Magnum. 

Why We Love Magnum Contact Sheets

There is a frighteningly expensive first print of the Magnum Contact Sheets in hardback that is highly sought after for the incredible insights it brings into so many top photographer’s work.

But thankfully, there is now also an affordable paperback version from Magnum which we were able to afford and enjoy. 

If you love photography from the likes of Eve Arnold, Ellitor Erwitt, Inge Morath, Alec Soth, Jobas Bendiksen, etc. then this is a chance to revel in it and learn from each of these people.

There’s nothing quite like Magnum Contact Sheets out there in the photography book world and it’s quite simply an essential purchase for nearly every photographer out there. 

Final Thoughts On Magnum Contact Sheets

If you’re thinking about buying Magnum Contact Sheets, you should, and if you’re not? You should buy it anyway, it’s simply that essential.

Great photography requires great inspiration and we think you’ll find it in Grim Street, Uncommon Places and American Prospects too. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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