Minutes to Midnight by Trent Parke

Australia wasn’t often in the news until Covid-19 but the country which is a continent in its own right, is a fascinating and exciting subject for any photographer.

In 2003, Trent Parke set out on a massive journey around the nation that would last for two years and cover thousands of miles to document Australia. 

About Minutes To Midnight

Minutes to Midnight

Trent isn’t selling tourist Australia here. This is a dark, emotional narrative that draws the viewer in and offers a hard, realistic look at the nation. 

What emerges is a story of human anxiety and intense emotions and it’s one of the most fascinating collections of images that we’ve ever encountered. 

Why We Love Minutes to Midnight

While the subject matter can be hard to come to terms with, there’s still romance and nostalgia aplenty for a spectacular and exciting nation. 

We love the gradual emergence of a country which is working out how to bring the mixtures of cultures and traditions within its shores together into a functional whole. 

Final Thoughts On Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to midnight is a universally appealing book which touches on what makes us all human and what we have in common. It’s a photo essay that really makes you think and it’s fantastic for it.

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Grab a copy online here and here.

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