One Face, Fifty Ways

Mark Wilkinson only photographs one model most days. In fact, it’s the same model nearly every day, Imogen Dyer, the famous YouTuber. 

In One Face, Fifty Ways Mark and Imogen have teamed up to show you that if you want to develop your portrait photography, you can do it with one model and a ton of creativity. 

Why We Love One Face, Fifty Ways 

As you can see from Imogen’s website, this is a very down-to-earth couple and their book isn’t about investing a ton of money in equipment or wardrobe.

One Face, Fifty Ways

Instead, it’s all about how you can use simple techniques and the wardrobe that you already own to create stunning looks day-in, day-out that can revolutionize your photography portfolio.

This is a budding portrait photographer’s dream as it means you won’t be spending a fortune on models, either. 

Final Thoughts On One Face, Fifty Ways 

This is a great text for any portrait photographer whether they’re just starting out or whether they want to put some creativity into their portfolio.

One Face, Fifty Ways is also super-reasonably priced for a photography book, which makes it even more essential. 

There are other great books on photography you might enjoy too including The Headshot, The Art of Photography and The Digital Photography Book. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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