The Headshot: The Secrets to Creating Amazing Headshot Portraits

It’s becoming harder and harder to become a professional photographer, opportunities are shrinking everywhere except in one area – headshots.

As Peter Hurley points out, endless commercial and artistic growth in the world means endless opportunities to get paid to take headshots. 

Why We Love The Headshot

The Headshot helps you to stand out from the crowd and deliver portraits that look amazing and which clients are happy to pay good money for. 

The Headshot

He’ll teach you how to pose people and put them at their ease. How to get the absolute best from an individual and from your camera setup too.

Peter’s been in front of the camera as a model, before he got behind it and you can tell throughout this book that his experience helps to guide all of us to better headshots.

Final Thoughts On The Headshot

A portrait photographer that doesn’t do headshots is leaving money on the table, an ordinary photographer that doesn’t do headshots is missing out on the chance to be creative and innovative.

If you want to learn to take headshots, you need Peter Hurley’s The Headshot, it’s the definitive work. 

Taking portraits is one important aspect of photography you might also find you get some useful pointers from The Essentials of Street Photography, One Face, Fifty Ways and The Art of Photography. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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