The Photographer’s Eye Remastered by Michael Freeman

The Photographer’s Eye is one of the best loved tutorials and introductions to photography in the genre. It has been a best seller since its first release and has never fallen out of favor. 

If you’re looking to get started in a logical and enjoyable fashion, you can do much worse than get Michael Freeman’s input into your photography journey. 

About The Photgrapher’s Eye

The Photographer's Eye

This is Michael Freeman’s simple and straightforward guide and it is popular because it makes it super easy to try new ideas and see results in your images. 

It was remastered to reflect the changing needs of digital photographers and to add more focus on editing images (something which was less relevant to many film photographers when this book first released). 

Why We Love The Photographer’s Eye 

We love this book because it teaches you to see like a photographer, to think about the final image before you push the shutter button.

There are many easy to follow tutorials on cameras but this is one of the few books that helps you see the “big picture” (excuse the pun) of photography. 

Final Thoughts On The Photographer’s Eye 

This is a classic text that any photographer can learn something from and it’s absolutely essential for beginners. Michael Freeman makes photography easy. 

If you’re looking for other great photography books, take a look at Subway, The Decisive Moment and William Eggleston’s Guide, they’re all classics!

You can grab a copy here and here.

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