Trey Ratcliff, Burning Man & Dynamic Mountain Ranges

Trey Ratcliff is one of those rare people who have single-handedly defined a completely new field in photography.

In Trey’s case that was High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

His photographic brilliance can be seen on his site Stuck In Customs, where you’ll find inspiration for travel and photography galore! Galore, baby!

Stuck in Customs is the top travel photography blog around. We’re talking millions of people tuning in when Trey posts a new photo to his website each day.

< During travels, Trey often has live events where he gives art talks that are full of crazy stories from everything from Burning Man to being arrested in China. The talks are inspirational and help encourage people to find themselves and presence through creativity. >

We think that once you’ve spent some time examining his work you’ll love Trey Ratcliff as much as we do.

About Trey’s Photography

Trey’s blog showcases much of his photography work and he is also an artist, public speaker and writer.

His technique of HDR was developed back in the 1990s after he graduated with a degree in mathematics and computer science.

It was so impressive that two of his photos took the top prize at the Smithsonian Magazine’s photography contest.

americana by trey ratcliff
Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff

Since then, he’s been licensing all of his images via Creative Commons and as long as you don’t want to exploit his work for money – you’re free to share it all over the internet.

That’s an unusual choice for a photographer, most of whom zealously guard their work.

Trey And Burning Man

Some of his most famous work is from the Burning Man Festival and his images are absolutely unforgettable.

He captures the spirit and insanity of the place perfectly.

trey at burning man
Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff

He obviously had a great time putting them together as he’s written a survival guide to the festival and not just for you – for your camera too.

Why Trey? Why?

When asked why he does what he does Trey says:

What’s the core reason I do all of this? A bit new-agey but maybe you’ll dig it. I want to help spread consciousness and presence to the world. It’s hard to teach billions to meditate, but you can help teach them photography and creativity. I believe when people are being creative they are being fully present and conscious, and that’s the best thing we all can do for the world.

Trey Ratcliff

Travel Photo Adventures With Trey

If you want to go out in the wild and learn to photograph with Trey you can!

He runs occasional trips to spend a week with him while learning his insider secrets to composing landscape photographs that really catch the eye.

His next trip is in one of his favorite photography haunts – New Zealand and his work from there is every bit as awe inspiring as his stuff from Burning Man.

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We think it’s impossible to be exposed (sorry about the pun) to Trey’s work and not feel inspired to create things of beauty.

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