Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore

Uncommon Places was originally published in the 1970s and it swiftly earned its place among photography’s greats. 

Now? It’s been brought up to date and an additional 20 photographs have been added to the already extraordinary collection. 

Why We Love Uncommon Places 

We were really impressed by the print quality in this edition and each image is given exactly the right amount of space on the page to deliver the impact that it should.

Stephen Shore is one of those unsung heroes of photography that everyone should know, but not everyone does.

Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore

If you’ve ever wanted to see the America of the 1970s as it really was, then you need to pick up a copy of Uncommon Places and we doubt that anyone would be sorry that they did. 

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this volume swiftly appreciates in value in the future too, it’s really that good. 

Final Thoughts On Uncommon Places 

Uncommon Places is an uncommonly excellent collection of photographs and it will be occupying space on our bookshelf for a long time to come, we’d recommend it to anyone. 

There are other Uncommon Places in this world and they include the Subway of Bruce Davidson, the Wonderland of Jason Eskenazi and Zoe Strauss’s America, take a look at them, today. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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