Underwater Photography Awards

Did you know that the least explored environment on the planet is under the sea? 

That’s why we love the Underwater Photography Awards, they bring us face to face with things that we rarely see.

underwater photography awards

We think that if Ansel Adams were around today, he’d love these awards too. 

Meet The Photographers Too

One thing that we enjoy about these awards is that they properly introduce you to the people who took the photos too.

So, the photograph of the year is Shark’s Skylight by Renee Capozzola and she has recorded a YouTube video to talk about it.

Meet The Photographers Too

The same is true for every photograph and photographer, so you can find out more about Tying In from the Most Promising British Photographer SJ Bennett too, and so on. 

You can check them all out here

Last Word

Which photo was your favorite?  Do you think you might enter these awards one day?

PRO-TIP: If so, please don’t use one of our favorite birding cameras, not even in a backpack – they’re not waterproof but they are awesome for snapping pictures of creatures on land. 

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